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Website Design & Hosting

Surpass your competition with the most cutting edge professional websites available.

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Vector Net

VectorNet is a "honeypot" program that emulates open ports and servers and logs any connections or attacks. By simulating servers, it is capable of blocking attacks that would normally go undetected. VectorNet is capable of listening for attacks on 65535 TCP ports and 65535 UDP ports simultaneously. With the ability to scale the number of servers and ports, VectorNet can monitor a single port or every port available. This flexibility allows the user to emulate a single server or multiple servers, depending on the user's need. Furthermore any connection attempts are logged in detail, including time of attack, IP and GeoIP data.  The detailed logs can be accessed via a secure web-interface with tools for viewing log statistics, an interactive world map, searching, and more. For more information on the definition of "honeypots," please click here.


 Auto-Updating Log Interface

View attacks as they occur from anywhere via the web interface.

 Quick Statistics

View overall attack statistics to aid trend analysis.

 Map of Attacks

An interactive map shows the attack count per country. Know where your attacks are originating.


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