What is VectorNet?

VectorNet is a "honeypot" program that oversees all incoming and outgoing traffic on a business or private network and permanently blocks and performs analysis on any malicious connections whether they be bots, crawlers, or the deliberate efforts of hackers. When a malicious connection is automatically detected by VectorNet, the connection is diverted to VectorNet's artificial network, made to mimic a real network of Windows systems. Effectively, these malicious connections are completely and permanently severed from the computers that you need protected before they can even interact with them. While these connections are caught in the "honeypot," they are analyzed to find details surrounding the source of the connection. All of the resulting details are logged and can be accessed via a secure web-interface with tools for viewing log statistics, an interactive world map, searching, and more. For more information on the definition of "honeypots," please click here.

Why Do We Need Honeypots?

Modern business computer networks house a host of sensitive data. Ranging from customer information including credit card and phone numbers to business secrets, failing to protect this data from hackers can wreak havoc on any business reputation as well as the personal lives of employees and clients. In a study conducted through 2015 and 2016, it was found that 43% of all cyber attacks targeted small business. And, 60% of small companies that experience a cyber attack go out of business within 6 months of the attack. Surveying businesses during that time frame, they found that 55% of small businesses had experienced a cyber attack. (To view some of this study and how it relates to small business without signing up for the report, click here.) A honeypot, when used correctly, is an effective and powerful tool in protecting your entire network from infiltration.

Why VectorNet?

Most honeypot software that accomplishes the same purpose as VectorNet are marketed to large companies and corporations that can afford large, expensive packages that are far out of reach for small business. Our goal is to make this powerful security solution available to smaller businesses through small packages suitable to their budget. Don't let your business become another cyber security statistic. Contact us today to see what we can do to protect your precious data!