FTP Access Request Form

FTP Access Not Available on Shared Servers 

Liability Acknowledgment

I understand that the system to which I request access is for professional use only. I further understand that providing false information in an attempt to gain access to said system is will result in legal action. In the event that vandalism, data-theft, or any other form of unauthorized change is discovered on the server I have been granted access to, I will be held financially responsible for any time or costs required to fully restore functionality to the affected systems and websites. Any activity on the ProComputation servers that is deemed suspicious or malicious, will be met with account termination and legal action. I hereby agree that I will not attempt to gain access to server directories or files to which I have not been explicitly granted access. For authentication and security purposes all credentials must be kept private and no user account should be used by more than one person.  In the event the credentials generated for me, the client, are used by another party or for malicious reasons, I will be held financially responsible for any data loss or damages that occur. I further agree that any connections attempts to the server must be performed on a secure network, unless visiting the website's "front end" or guest interface. In the event my credentials are exposed due to an unsecure network or device, I will be held financially responsible for any data loss or damages that occur. This includes but is not limited to interruption of other services, file or data tampering, and loss or disclosure of proprietary information (and the potential value to the owner).

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